Huh? Kenny Kim T-shirt? What’s that? I know it must sound strange to hear someone making a t-shirt for themselves - so let me try to explain. I love t-shirts. I have been designing t-shirts since 1993 for various events and occasions before I became a photographer. So as I embarked on this journey of becoming a photographer back in 2006, it dawned upon me that I should continue this tradition and make a t-shirt for myself to help promote my business.

Every year, I come up with a t-shirt to celebrate the number of years I have been in business. The 5th version marks my 5th year. Each year has represented all the hard work, dedication and the steps I have taken to be where I am today and making these shirts is a way to remind myself of where I have been and where I am headed. I am also proud to announce that this year I will be partnering with Churches Helping Churches by donating part of my proceed to this organization. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.

This year’s design has been created by Promise Tangeman, a super-talented designer out in Arizona. I was introduced to her work through my friend David Jay (affectionately known as DJ) who often uses her talent to showcase his work. She designed a t-shirt for DJ last year which immediately caught my attention. Right there and then, I knew I had to commission her to do the design for my next Kenny Kim T-Shirt!

Regarding design, one of the toughest thing to do is to design something for yourself – even though I have a graphic design background and have done plenty of designs for others. What I asked Promise to do was simple - something organic and creative that represents photography and some of the adventures I have been through in 2010. Last year, Italy has been my home for about two months and travel has become an integral part of my business. It was also the year that I launched my first book: Wedding Photographer’s Planner. So I wanted to integrate those things and create something that was going to be visually catching. Here is the end result:

By the way, If you are one of the 12 going on my PhotoVenture to Italy in March 2011, you need not order. Your trip includes this shirt! These shirts are available for limited time with limited quantity. Pre-Order yours today! (Avaialble February 1st)

10% of your purchase will go towards Churches Helping Churches - a non-profit organization dedicated to create a global partnership of church communities who seek to rebuild other churches in the wake of a catastrophic natural disaster. I have had the privilege of working with them by taking two trips down to Haiti. I really believe in their mission and would love to support them through this cause.

Kenny Kim T-Shirt version 5 are printed on American Apparel-like soft tri-blend 100% premium cotton men's & women's shirts. Women’s shirts run smaller so I would go one size higher (i.e. if you wear small, I would order the medium). In fact I do not have any Women’s small sizes available. They begin in medium (same as small). The men’s shirts are the same sizes. it is very soft cotton and will probably shrink the first time you wash them.

Photo courtesy of Bob Davis